Ikarus Way - Your Gateway to Future Freight: Connect with Partners & Customers Today

Innovative through a mobile app without the need for registration, only via QR code.

Experience a 43% reduction in document processing time thanks to our integration of smart contracts and AI, trimming down the process by seven minutes.

Expand your business horizons with international partners and verified through our robust verification service, tapping into various international databases.

Our platform's efficiency is further evidenced by a significant 62% boost in managing and digitizing digital proof of delivery documents.

Some of our advantages

Clients utilizing Ikarus Way have reported remarkable benefits within just three months, including an 8%-10% semi-annual cost reduction, amounting to $45 per delivery. They've also seen a 12% increase in monthly order fulfillment and reduced delivery times

Ikarus Way is revolutionizing logistics and transportation by streamlining business connections with partners and customers. Surpassing the industry's average acquisition cost of $588, Ikarus Way helps users secure five new clients weekly and dispatch offers every 30 minutes.

is not just a freight exchange but is much more.

Streamlined Way to Discover New Clients and Partners

Empower users for total data control, including parameters and source, at all supply chain stages.

Digitizing documents automates error detection, reducing human error.

Don't waste money on bank fees – receive your funds directly and without commissions.
Verify your partners and clients' reliability independently.
In the dynamic logistics sector, we're thrilled to unveil a revolutionary project: a cutting-edge Freight Exchange platform driven by Ikarus Network tech. This platform redefines freight management, providing a holistic ecosystem for seamless transportation organization, partner discovery, real-time IoT and GPS data access, and smart contract-driven automation of operations and payments.

Streamlined Client and Partner Discovery

Our comprehensive freight exchange platform is your streamlined path to discovering new clients and partners. With the ability to publish requests or make offers in just five minutes, Ikarus Way is the epitome of efficiency.

Independent Partner Verification

With Ikarus Way, verify the reliability of your partners and clients independently, anytime, anywhere. Access to international databases and user ratings provides a transparent view of company credentials and real experiences.

Direct, Commission-Free Financial Transactions

Receive your payments directly upon job completion, bypassing banks and avoiding commissions. Our smart contracts offer a layer of protection for your transactions, ensuring you're safeguarded until the job is done.

Automated Document Management

Digitize your documents and let our AI-powered platform automate error detection, reducing the risk of human error and streamlining your operations.

Data Control and Real-Time Insights

Ikarus Way empowers users with complete control over their data, providing secure, immutable, and traceable information. Our smart contracts offer real-time data from trusted sources, facilitating informed decision-making and efficient communication.

Join the logistics revolution with Ikarus Way, where connecting with new partners and customers is just the beginning of your journey towards a more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable supply chain future.

Simple and immediately available everywhere