Empowering Transparent Data Management Across the Supply Chain

Welcome to Ikarus Smart Chain, your trusted infrastructure for effective data management, delivering unrivaled transparency across the entire supply chain.

Revolutionizing Supply Chain with Distributed Registry Technology

Ikarus Network stands as our in-house blockchain network, purposefully engineered for speed through our proprietary mathematical algorithms, while prioritizing security and dependability. Our infrastructure, with its impressive capacity of over 230,000 transactions per second (tps), enables us to seamlessly acquire and process data from IoT devices and GPS. Leveraging smart contracts, we create solutions that effectively tackle supply chain challenges and automate decision-making processes.

IKARUS WAY, your ultimate gateway to expanding your client and partner network while streamlining order management and enhancing supply chain efficiency. With our platform, you gain access to features like individual order data storage, comprehensive transportation oversight, real-time updates, instant notifications, document digitization, and seamless sharing capabilities with clients and partners. Experience the future of business automation through our smart-contract technology, simplifying operations, payments, and decision-making processes.

Ikarus Stock, expertly designed for streamlined warehouse management, leverages cutting-edge smart contracts to revolutionize your product organization process. Our innovative platform not only optimizes every facet of your operations but also seamlessly automates orders and tasks. Furthermore, it serves as the centralized hub for all your activities, offering a unified solution for enhanced efficiency.

Ikarus Stock integrates seamlessly with our Ikarus WAY and the extensive Ikarus Network. This seamless integration empowers you to oversee and control all operations from initial order placement to final delivery. Additionally, by connecting with leading online shopping platforms, our solution ensures complete transparency for your valued clients.

IKARUS TRUST, In an era where counterfeiting poses a significant challenge, establishing trust and ensuring traceability have become paramount. Ikarus Trust offers a dependable and fortified solution that empowers both individuals and businesses to autonomously confirm the legitimacy of products and certificates. Our platform includes comprehensive validation of issuer information, dates, and digital signatures, delivering heightened security and reliability.