Trust and trace

In today's market, where counterfeiting undermines brand integrity and consumer trust, Ikarus Trust stands as a bastion of authenticity and traceability. Our solution empowers businesses, organizations, and consumers to independently verify the authenticity of products and certificates, ensuring the details of issuers, dates, and digital signatures are beyond reproach.
"Ikarus Trust for the protection of consumers and producers."
A leading vape liquid manufacturer, producing 2 million bottles monthly, turned to Ikarus Trust to tackle operational inefficiencies and the rampant issue of counterfeit products. The results were nothing short of transformative:

Reduction in Product Losses: By integrating Ikarus Trust, the company saw an 8% decrease in product losses during production and distribution, translating to substantial cost savings of $0.10/ml each month.

Operational Efficiency: The automation capabilities of Ikarus Trust slashed direct operational costs by 10%, a monthly saving of $0.05/ml that directly impacts the bottom line.

Reduction in Distribution Errors: The precision of the Ikarus network has all but eradicated distribution errors, cutting down costs related to returns and shipping by $0.12/ml monthly.

Traceability and Authenticity: Customers can now verify the origin and authenticity of products through the mobile application. This has significantly boosted customer trust, leading to a 15% growth in monthly sales. Using Ikarus Trust, the company has received 274 reports from customers regarding counterfeit products.

Compliance with Halal and Organic Requirements: Ikarus Trust also plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with Halal and organic standards, reinforcing the manufacturer's dedication to social responsibility and widening its appeal to a more conscientious customer base.

Reduction in Distribution Errors:The our solution has virtually eliminated distribution errors, enhancing logistical efficiency. This translates into reduced costs associated with handling returns and shipping, saving $0.09/ml per month.

The cumulative effect of these enhancements has been profound: a 32% net reduction in production and operational costs, from $1.25/ml to just $0.89/ml. This is the power of Ikarus Trust—delivering not only security and authenticity but also a robust return on investment.

Counterfeiting, a global scourge accounting for a staggering 5.6% of worldwide trade, has spurred the demand for innovative services like Ikarus Trust to safeguard businesses and consumers alike.

Ikarus Trust: Your Digital Seal of Authenticity

In a world where counterfeiting accounts for 5.6% of global trade, the need for robust verification services has never been greater. Ikarus Trust emerges as a beacon of integrity, offering businesses and consumers a secure network to certify the authenticity of products and documents with an indelible digital signature.

Empower Verification with Ikarus Trust

Our platform empowers users and authorized entities to effortlessly verify and validate certificates, creating an immutable record that stands against the tide of counterfeit goods. With Ikarus Trust, certification transcends mere validation—it encapsulates the entire data structure behind each document, ensuring every layer of information is preserved and protected.

Transparency as a Counterfeit Deterrent

In the current business environment, voluntary product certification is no longer sufficient. Companies are now leveraging transparency as a strategic tool to enhance credibility and foster consumer trust, especially in sectors where authenticity is paramount, such as food and specialized products. Ikarus Trust equips companies with a comprehensive toolkit for the exchange of documents and certificates of conformity, essential for the sale, marketing, and export of genuine products.

The Future Network for Authentic Exchange

Ikarus Trust is not just a service but a vision of the future—a network where the exchange, uploading, and authentication of certificates and related information are seamlessly integrated. It's a reality where the successful sale and realization of products are backed by verified, transparent, and valid data from a multitude of sources, including IoT and GPS trackers.

Safeguarding Luxury and Quality

In the luxury and high-end retail sector, consumer trust is not a luxury—it's a necessity. Quality-focused companies are turning to Ikarus Trust to provide their discerning clientele with the assurance of authenticity and quality they demand. From gourmet foods to fine wines and high-end accessories, Ikarus Trust's secure and unchangeable certification service is essential for protecting long-term investments, brand reputation, and customer loyalty.

Seal Your Certificates with Confidence

With Ikarus Trust, you're not just certifying a product; you're ensuring a legacy of quality and trust. Seal the authenticity of your certificates and products within our network and stand apart in a market flooded with imitations. Choose Ikarus Trust for a future where authenticity is not just claimed, but certified and verified.