Revolutionize Your Warehouse Efficiency with Ikarus Stok's Blockchain Automation

Ikarus Stok was conceived out of necessity. In a landscape where customers' expectations for real-time updates and transparency are at an all-time high, a leading delivery company with extensive operations across six countries and 26 warehouses was grappling with a 12% error rate in package management due to human error. The pre-Ikarus Stok era was marked by a sluggish package handling process that took up to four business days, severely hampering efficiency.
The Genesis of Ikarus Stok
Thanks to the implementation of smart contracts and QR codes, human-related errors have decreased by 42%, with the system identifying 87% of management errors before they could lead to issues."
The management has reduced acceptance and registration times by 22% in just 5,36 minutes
Driver operations were optimized by 27% in just the first month
Package handling time within the warehouse is reduced by 18% in the first month
Ikarus Stoke, an innovative solution that not only improved operations but also increased the number of orders handled and reduced management costs by $0.35-$0.49 per individual product.

In the logistics and warehousing sector, efficiency equates to profitability. With the average warehousing cost per parcel historically ranging between $0.89 and $3.65, the introduction of Ikarus Stok has been a game-changer. Our innovative blockchain solution has enabled clients to achieve remarkable cost reductions, ranging from $0.54 to $3.15 per parcel, right from the first month of implementation.

the Future of Warehouse Management.

Smart-contract integration

QR Code Tracking

Document and Warranty Management

Optimized Time and Operations
AI-Powered Insight

Ikarus Stock represents the future of warehouse management, offering the capability to create automated orders based on smart contracts. Our platform empowers you to seamlessly manage every order and identify each product through QR codes linked to smart contracts. With the assistance of our AI technology, you can automate location management, workforce management, and order optimization based on historical data and seasonal trends.

Tailored for seamless warehouse management. Harnessing smart contracts, it streamlines product organization, optimizes every activity automates orders and tasks, and centralizes all your activities in one place.

Reduce Human factor and errors with a complete automatic control using QR, RFID and Smart Contract

Our AI is designed for optimized operations, time management, reducing pick-up time and help with a prevision of order

Reporting and data in real-time from different resources, devices, hardware, IoT, trucks, and more.

The platform optimizes warehouse operations by strategically positioning products to enhance order processing times. It assigns locations, teams, and schedules for flawless organization.



Ikarus efficiently manages documents and warranties by recording every past, present, and future change using smart contracts.


ikarus stoke an integrated warehouse management platform seamlessly linked with major CRM and online marketplace services, enabling you to organize your warehouse and deliveries efficiently. Receive orders directly from your chosen marketplace, ready for swift delivery.

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