Companies are challenged. It's time for new ideas.

The world is in disruption. Backlogs, delays, and other Covid-related effects shattered supply chain macroeconomics. Now is the time to find better and smarter ways to engage in trade.

Transparency Unveiled

20% of all companies lose between 6 and 10% of annual revenue due to information failure and lack of transparency

Transparency: The adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT) marks a departure from the opaque practices of yesteryears. By enabling a shared ledger system, it ensures that every piece of data, every transaction, is not just recorded, but made visible to all relevant stakeholders. This level of transparency is unprecedented, offering a clear view into the inner workings of transactions that was previously unattainable. The result? Enhanced accountability, diminished fraud, and a solidified trust that spans across all facets of industry—from the intricate pathways of supply chains to the critical infrastructures of financial systems.

Fortified Security

Security: In a digital landscape where security breaches are not a matter of 'if' but 'when', distributed technology offers a formidable defense. By dispersing data across a vast network of nodes, it fortifies the integrity of information, making it nearly impervious to cyber threats. The cryptographic security of transactions, coupled with the decentralized nature of DLT, means that the risk of data compromise is minimized. This robust security framework not only safeguards data but also reinforces the trust of users, who can rest assured that their information is in safe hands.

Payment Processes Reimagined

Streamlined Payments: Gone are the days of labyrinthine payment processes. The integration of Ikarus smart contracts into payment systems has streamlined the flow of funds. These self-executing contracts, with terms directly written into code, facilitate transactions that are not only seamless but also error-free. Triggered by predefined conditions such as GPS coordinates, IoT data, and time tracking, these smart contracts cut through the red tape, ensuring that payments are not just timely but also accurate to the last cent.

In an era where 20% of companies experience a significant revenue dip due to information failures and opacity, distributed technology stands as a beacon of change. It promises to staunch these losses by redefining transparency and security in business operations.